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Wild Women...

Women’s health has become a very lucrative market, both in the conventional medical arena as well as in the ‘natural health’ arena.

From beauty creams, to weight loss aids, contraception, mammograms and hormone replacement therapy, and now the emergence of vaccines promising to ‘protect’ you from cervical cancer. The media skilfully popularises the skinny, wrinkle- and blemish –free woman sans cellulite, and is quick to sell the latest and greatest shortcut to get there...and it seldom does.

We are all subject to the dance of nature: the rhythmical change of the seasons, to the daily rise and fall of the sun, the monthly and daily cycle of the waxing and waning moon: women’s hormones will follow these rhythms- if we gave them a chance. There are many signals in nature that will transform hormone production, which will, in turn, affect everything from weight, to mood, to memory, to energy, to food cravings, libido and more. These signals range from the seasonality of food types, the changing daytime and night-time lengths of the seasons, perceived stressors or threats, and of course the cycle of the moon.
And so, with our modern lifestyles: hormone interruption is inevitable. We can have any food type we want, when we want, we stay awake with artificial light late into the night and rise in the dark, we rely on stimulants to keep up in the day, swallow synthetic hormones for contraception and control of periods, and use hormone replacement therapies.

In our natural design, during summer, with longer daylight hours, and shorter night-time, we secrete less melatonin (the hormone secreted after sunset), this in turn means levels of cortisol are generally higher, resulting in higher circulating levels of blood sugar. This may give rise to higher levels of insulin, with increased likelihood of insulin resistance....resulting in the weight gain that a lot of women see as winter approaches. During winter, when the nights are longer and days shorter, we have higher levels of melatonin, lower levels of cortisol and blood sugar which may give generally lower levels of insulin, with greater sensitivity of insulin receptors...resulting in weight loss.

Weight gain and loss, fertility, physical and mental energy are also interwoven in thyroid, oestrogen and progesterone production, and function. Essentially, all hormones are connected in an intricate web. We can’t hope to bring about hormone balance by measuring and responding to one or two hormones only. When we pull one strand of a spider’s web, we break the integrity of the entire web.

There is much that can be done to help bring balance to hormones, before considering taking some of the expensive supplements or medicines on sale. Move in harmony with the natural cycles: get to sleep earlier (increases melatonin), dim the house lights at night (increases melatonin and decreases cortisol), eat lighter at night (decreases night time blood sugar and insulin), rise with the sun (increase daytime serotonin and elevates daytime cortisol), get into the sunshine (vitamin D - a steroid hormone), eat seasonal foods, eat local foods (nature knows best what and when we need our essentials), move your body and induce a sweat (improve insulin sensitivity), become a social animal and share your emotions and distress (decrease stress hormone levels - cortisol), reduce carbohydrates in your diet and avoid processed foods (reducing circulating sugar and hence cortisol and increasing micronutrient availability).

While this might sound idealistic for most women, trying to fit ‘being normal’ into a busy lifestyle driven by modern world economics and the pressures of mothering, it helps to have an inkling of an understanding into the natural design, to release themselves from the imposed and false realities of popular media.

With respect and gratitude to all women on Women’s Day!

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Dr Jon Morley
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