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Is 'incurable' curable from within?

Two of us are sitting in a rollercoaster car, about to drop down the 80degree slope into the 360 loop. One of us fears for our life, the other is thinking ‘woohoo, life doesn’t get any better’. The first person has a racing heart, dry mouth, shallow breaths, sweaty palms and a tight knot in their stomach. The latter has tingly skin, a wide smile and bright eyes. Two people are diagnosed with the same condition, one gets better while the other doesn’t, despite all the known conventional and alternative therapies.

Why the difference? In all likelihood, each of our two thrill-riders have had different life-experiences, in all probability, in their very early years, some say earlier than 7. The initial event may have created a belief about self, either positively (I can do anything) or negatively (l’m no good at anything). As their separate lives emerged, their early experiences laid down some foundation or program for further similar experiences, that probably fortified their initial belief.

Our core beliefs contribute very powerfully towards how we move through health challenges, particularly as adults. Beliefs about ourselves, the activity of self-limiting beliefs, as well as our beliefs of the world. Belief structure lays the foundation for our reactivity or responsiveness on a physiological level. How our body reacts physiologically, will have major influence in how we move through health challenges.

We have all observed how some people bounce back from the most incredibly challenging periods, while others seem to struggle along despite all advances in therapy. These outcomes have nothing to do with diet, supplementation or other modern ‘holistic’ approaches.

Most of us are unaware of our core belief structures. Our conscious mind has neatly tucked our bad experiences into a little black box, deep in the psyche. Here it is safe, out of view and may apparently go unnoticed for fear of the painful experience being reawakened. Within each experience, is an emotion that caused a degree of pain. This pain is frozen into our unconscious nervous system. When it is reminded or provoked, it, over a period of time stimulates the arm of our nervous system that can cause increase in blood pressure, increase in muscle tension, increase in blood sugar, increase in inflammation, decrease in digestion and demineralisation of our bones, decrease in immune function, etc. Some researchers have postulated that these beliefs may even be the earliest seed of cancers and other life-threatening diseases. We all know how lousy we feel when the pressure is on, and how well we feel when the tension has gone.

Knowing this, we should make it an essential part of our approach to healing our healing our deeper minds and unresolved issues. This forms the understanding of PNI, or Psycho-Neuro-Immunology. This is a rapidly growing field in healthcare, showing phenomenal results. While the importance of good diet, exercise, and targeted functional medicines, such as herbs, amino acids and other supplements, is not undermined, exploring our psyche and its programmed responses is essential.

Today, there are many easily accessible tools that can explore this area: Kinesiology, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), MR (Matrix Re-imprinting), Past-Life Regression Therapy, Hypnotherapy.

For too long, health and its therapists, particularly in modern medicine, have focussed on the condition: and hence, for example, each person with diabetes will receive the same standard approach. Too little focus has been on the person with the condition. Could this be a contributing factor to the worldwide rise in chronic and degenerative disease, despite some therapeutic breakthroughs?

Working with an individualised mind-body approach not only helps to remove blockages from healing but also helps one to heal on many levels- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. To be whole.

Some researchers have gone as far as to say that what makes us up as a person is perhaps as much as 80-90% emotionality and only as little as 10-20% physicality If this is true, or even nearly true, then this may explain why people that harbour unresolved guilt, jealousy or anger (etc), or self-limiting beliefs such as ‘I’m not good enough’, or ‘good never happens to me’, may find it difficult to emerge from illness.

Engaging in process work can be very rewarding, not only in the area of health, but overall well-being.

If you feel stuck along your healing journey, nothing seems to work and you feel you have exhausted all avenues, come and see us at the Vitali Integral Health Centre.

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