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Dr Jon Morley

Dr Jon 
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An integrated approach to health care

At the VITALI Integral Health Centre, as a team we consider multiple variables that can be having a negative impact on your wellness:

• Andri Hanekom, professional Rolfer and Cranio-Sacral Therapist, considers body misalignment that may have developed over years of muscle group weakness or poor posture as a causative mechanism of illness.

• Colin Starling, certified specialist Kinesiologist, explores the origin of your ill health in deeper imbalances within the mind, body and spirit connections.

• Astrid Tworek is a highly skilled body therapist, using Shiatsu and other forms of massage to recreate the flow of life-giving energy through your body.

• Christina Auerbach uses the “BodyTalk” system to re-synchronise the body’s energy systems, enhancing the body’s internal communications network.

• Hendrik van der Merwe is a well respected Yoga teacher, who also uses specialised forms of Thai massage to revitalise the body.

• Dr Jon Morley: I am an integrative medical doctor, using the evidence-based system of Functional Medicine to explore possible causes of disease. My approach to well-being is to encourage a return to balance within a system that has innate healing intelligence.

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An integrated approach to health care