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Izak Barnard - Destress Coach
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Izak Barnard  | Destress Coach

I formally joined the Vitali team in 2016, having been a consultant since 2014.

My favourite saying to new clients is “Pain is sometimes inevitable in this life, but suffering is optional”.

My philosophy to healing and life in general follows from my own journey and battle of 13 years with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / M.E. This led to a dramatic career change from Diplomacy to Coaching and Destress Therapy.

I'm passionate about teaching people simple self-help techniques and skills to empower themselves when struggling with physical, emotional and mental stress or trauma.

My speciality is the revolutionary Tension / Trauma Releasing Exercises and Emotional Freedom Techniques (aka ‘’Tapping’’) to help clients unblock and heal negative physical, mental and emotional symptoms and patterns.

My other passion is facilitating Family Constellations workshops. This unique therapeutic tool developed by Dr Bert Hellinger (Germany), brings to light unconscious patterns in our families that impacts negatively on our lives, and starts to change and finally heal them.

Services Offered

Izak Barnard

079 129 1496

Destress Coach
Trauma / Tension Releasing Exercises *TRE)
Emotional Freedom Techniques
Family Constellations
General Life Coaching

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