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Mari - Luisa Becker - Clinical Psychologist
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Mari - Luisa Becker | Clinical Psychologist

Mari-Luisa Becker

I’m a registered Clinical Psychologist who, with a Master’s Degree and internship behind me, felt like I only had a glimpse of the intricacies of the fascinating human being.

I became aware of rising research indicating that trauma is a physiological experience that can compromise health and shatter spiritual beliefs. Curiosity about therapies that create profound and lasting shifts, led me to passionately explore various national and international body-based modalities of healing.

I entered rigorous training in what appealed to both the scientist in me and my spiritual side, including SHIP®, Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises® (TRE®), CranioSacral Therapy®, Somato Emotional Release®, Visceral Manipulation®, and Family Constellations®.

I believe that the human system has an amazing ability to adapt, heal and grow to its maximum potential. At times this ability is overwhelmed by life’s circumstances and events, or by the build-up of long-term stressors. These get locked up deep inside the body’s tissues, blocking healing and growth, and leading to disease, an out-of-sync feeling or discontent with life.

Reconnection with body, mind and spirit can release tension and process new or old overwhelming experiences, freeing up potential, returning to a state of balance, strengthening resilience and encouraging a feeling of well-being and contentment.

Training, my personal process, years of experience in private practice, and a touch from my bloodline, molded me into an intuitive psychotherapist who facilitates a healing process according to the client’s needs, personality and beliefs.

Typical situations addressed by me at the practice:

• Processing trauma – physical/emotional/spiritual;
• Adjustment to life transitions and changes;
• Relief from chronic or acute physical discomfort;

• A need for:

- Deeper connection with the self, others and life;
- Personal and/or spiritual growth.

• Release/dealing with:

- Anxiety;
- Mood difficulties – depression;
- Phobias;
- Relationship difficulties;
- Career discomfort;
- Discontentment with life;
- Feelings of being overwhelmed.

083 633 3996

Integration of :

SHIP (Spontaneous Healing Intrasystemic Process)
Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE)
CranoSacral Therapy
Somato Emotional Release
Visceral Manipulation
Family Constellations

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