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Dorn Method & Breuss Massage
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Dorn Method & Breuss Massage | Healing through the spine

The answer to pain and discomfort!

Safe, Gentle, Natural & Effective Healing through the Spine

DORN Method
The DORN Method is a holistic manual therapy promoting long term physical, energetic and emotional wellbeing. Dorn is a simple self-help method for the gentle and safe correction of misalignments in the spine, the pelvis and other joints. It is used to treat health problems, such as: back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, sciatica, scoliosis, hip, shoulder, knee, elbow, ankle, jaw and other joint problems, by focusing on the cause of pain, which can be directly or indirectly connected to the spinal column and pelvis.

Relief from numerous spine related conditions, eg constipation, colic, cystitis, irritable bowel syndrome, sinusitis, infertility, depression, tinitus, vertigo, tiredness, asthma and more, can be achieved as each vertebra in the spine is connected to different vital organs.

When the vertebra is in alignment the out-coming nerve is happy and the connected structures and organs
can balance and work perfectly!

The DORN Method was developed in Germany about 40 years ago and is widely used by thousands of Dorn practitioners in Europe and is fast spreading around the world thanks to its convincing effectiveness and integrity.

It consists of a range of unique manual techniques and exercises to help joints and vertebrae gently slip back into their natural position without clicking or crunching or any high impact techniques.

With Dorn not only the symptom gets attention but the body as a whole. Self-healing is thus activated and balance achieved once more. We know that our physical structures are interconnected – our body works as a unit. When the physical body improves our Emotional and Energetic well-being improves and vice versa.

Unique to the DORN Method is the use of movement to allow muscle release and gentle as well as safe alignment for all ages. Simple self-help exercises will help you to keep your body in balance for the long term and give you tools for acute situations.

BREUSS Massage – Spine Regeneration
It feels fantastic and is deeply relaxing! The Breuss Massage is a gentle inter-vertebral disc massage that complements a DORN treatment or can be used on its own, especially in cases of strong pain or great tension.
This sensitive energetic manual massage along the spine aims to dissolve physical, energetic and emotional blockages and it stretches the spine and decompresses the vertebrae.

Physical, Emotional & Energetic Balance

The DORN Method and Breuss Massage are suitable for all ages from babies, children, teens, athletes to the elderly. A session can be 30min or 1 hour. 2-3 treatments (one week apart) can be sufficient, depending on the (severity of the) condition.

Rooms: VITALI IHC, Far Hills Hotel, George, Garden Route (home visits are possible or sessions are possible at The Pearl Hotel)
Prices: 1hour R320
½ hour R200 (once the maintenance regime is achieved)

Mornings Only / By appointment only

Other modalities available:
Deep Tissue Massage, EFT
Matrix Re-Imprinting,
Shiatsu, Reiki, Aromatherapy

Contact: Astrid Reïne 083 5247434

Chinese saying
“The spine is the centre of our being”


Alex, 35years: “I have had a scoliosis in my middle back since many years that gave me nasty back pain regularly. I tried many therapies but nothing brought lasting relief. A year ago I had two Dorn treatments and since then I have no more problems, my scoliosis is gone!”

Ingrid D, 79 years: “I visited the Garden Route from Namibia for 3 weeks and had 5 Dorn Sessions with Astrid during this time. My issue was a severe scoliosis, inflammation pain behind my right knee and bad posture. After the first session I was able to walk more easily again, my posture had improved immensely and my spirit lifted. By session 3 the pain behind my knee had disappeared and the scoliosis was hugely improved which is more than I could have hoped for after a lifetime of bad habits and scoliosis. Astrid coached me on body posture and gave me a range of self-help exercises to do so I can maintain all the good work at home … and all the time I was thinking I am just getting old.”

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