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What is EFT?

The EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE is also known as Meridian Tapping. The founder of EFT is Gary Craig. The fundamental principle of Meridian Tapping: “THE CAUSE OF ALL NEGATIVE EMOTION IS A DISRUPTION IN THE BODY’S ENERGY SYSTEM”

Our aim for using the system of Meridian Tapping is to discover what the cause of the disruption is and restore balance. When balance is restored the negative emotions and physical symptoms will mend and body, mind and spirit will once again be in balance and emotional freedom is attained.

How does EFT work?

There is a specific type of scanning procedure, called a 'functional MRI' (fMRI), which is used to measure signal changes in the brain that are due to changing neural activity. Scientists, investigating the effects of acupuncture with fMRI, have shown that there are distinct changes in brain activity when an acupuncture point is stimulated, even though both areas are unconnected by nerves, blood vessels or any other known physical connection. It has been demonstrated, again with fMRI, that stimulating points on the skin doesn't just change brain activity. It also deactivates areas of the brain that are activated when we experience pain and fear.

When acupuncture points are stimulated, something happens at both the electromagnetic and the electrochemical level, which has a direct influence on how you feel. EFT involves stimulating (i.e. tapping on) acupuncture points, but what does this have to do with your emotional freedom?

During an EFT session, you will be asked to bring an issue or problem to mind. As you do so, you will tap on specific points along the meridians. This brings about change on the physical level which in turn influences your experience at the emotional level.

The Law of Attraction describes the experiences we have in our lives. Are we creating Life-Giving energy by our thoughts?...OR, are we creating Life-Limiting energy by our thoughts? What is draining our life energy?

By dwelling on negative/painful experiences we run ourselves down thus lowering our ‘vibration’ (frequency); eg by being in fear we are very likely to attract more experiences that cause fear, get depressed and susceptible to dis-ease..

ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE: Gratitude is really an expression from the heart and it is this emotion which creates a state of being where you know from the deepest part of you that you have everything that you could ever need or want in the present moment and it gifts us with a deep sense of joy, happiness and inner peace. It is through gratitude that we are connected to source, God, creator, the divine.

CHOICE: Making a Choice is making a Commitment to Self to taking a specific desireable course of action. This is a very powerful and important course of action to take when making a decision to change one’s life and moving forward in a specific way to achieve a desired outcome because it separates what you want from what you don’t want.

By making the use of Law of Attraction and Choice and addressing our fears and other feelings or emotions such as anger or sadness or grief, despair, hopelessness, (emotions which cut us off from source of all Abundance) while using EFT we once again allow ourselves to experience peace and harmony, energize our own beings by choosing what feels right to us and releasing that which does not serve us by saying NO..

Meridian Tapping is simple, safe and painless and best of all, it can be learned by anyone.

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