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The Hangover 1,11 & 111

Let’s be honest, the festive season is hardly the time we choose to pull in the reigns. In the same breath we all feel the effects of indulgence, and feel the need to swallow paracetomol, grandpas and other ‘regmakers’. Let me offer a few pointers on what can make a smoother, more enjoyable and less painful merriment.

I have no contractual agreement to anybody or any organisation, so I’ll be specific about tradenames and products that I find really work. This is not to say that only products I mention work, just the ones I know and like.

ACC 200, VitaC 2000 powder, Nux Vomica Homaccord, Advaclear, beetroot juice with whole lemons, tap water, turmeric, green tea, Disprin, Ultraclear Plus, milk thistle.

Important note about milk thistle: it is only effective if used on an ongoing basis, so don’t think taking milk thistle before going out on a bender is going to do the job, thats in the mind, placebo. If you do use milk thistle, start now, and follow through until the J.O.B starts up again after silly season. The rest of the goodies I mentioned can all help in the moment.

Drink water, the solution to pollution is dilution. Simple and effective. On your indulgent days, go out and enjoy guilt free partying. When you weave your way back into the house, wondering who swopped the house keys because yours don’t seem to fit, and after dodging the apparently rearranged furniture, go to your prearranged magic potion basket in the kitchen. A big glass of amanzi, 1 heaped teaspoon of VitaC2000 and 2-4 effervescent tabs of ACC 200, and a soluble disprin. Glug this down with 2 Advaclear and a turmeric capsule, ( I use Solal technologies’ Curcurmin caps). Go to bed, yes the thing that now feels very much like the waterbed you can’t remember getting as an early Christmas present. Try not watch the swirling ceiling, it’ll confuse you no end. You are home and you’ll sleep like a drunken bum, of course.

When you wake, be pleased that you had a great evening and feel , well, actually quite ok, better than you thought, and to the envy of your unread friends, way better than them. Before you chug down the double espresso, quickly throw some beetroot and apple into the juicer. It doesn’t have to be a mission or a litre, just 3 beets and one apple. Who cares right now whether you peel it, soak it in food grade peroxide, scrub it or only use organic for fear of the toxicity of pesticide residue. Let’s be honest, you just spent a night quaffing cheap tequila and Black Label, unless you dodged the economic-downturn and sipped Blue Nun and Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Follow with a good eggie brekkie. Alcohol drops your blood sugar like a rock, you’ll be hungry for all the so-called wrong things, so top up, theres another long day and night ahead. Once the oily breakfast in, have whatever coffee you like. Coffee could rock the adrenalin levels if you have it on an empty, hungry tummy, causing you to feel like you’re playing catch with your energy levels and thought processes. (I refer you well-read health nuts to my October series on balancing your blood sugar).

For the more advanced self-rescuers amongst you, here’s where the green tea comes in. I’ll tell you exactly what I do, not what I read somewhere which sounds very clever but have never put to the test: each day boil a litre of water..yes, tap water is really fine right now. Throw in 3 bags of green tea, a bag or two of rooibos. Slice a whole lemon or two, chop a big knob of ginger (grate or slice), a lekker spoon of honey. Let it cool off, bottle it and pop it in the fridge. Tomorrow you have iced tea of the highest order. Use this as your drinking water for the day. Sure, be inventive, make variations that suit your palate: chamomile, verbena, lemon balm, mint – these are all fresh and very seductive on a parched palate. Hydrate. I’ve just given you a multitasking rehydration solution: rehydrate, re-vibrate, recalibrate, and for the technical health fiends amongst you: a drink full of detox power, antioxidants and brain food, let alone enough gut calming ingredients to beat any alka-seltzer on the market.

Special note on NuxVomicaHomaccord and Ultraclear plus. Nux Vomica Homaccord is homeopathy for dummies and the rest of us lazy summer animals. It is a very well formulated complex of the well known nux vomica in different potencies as well as a few other potent homeopathic liver cleansers. It can be taken like a ‘normal’ medicine, three times a day, and it packs a veritable punch. Its made by ‘Heel’.

Ultraclear Plus (Metagenics) is a really nice powder you can swizz up in a shake, or on its own with water.. yes it can be that simple. It has some select amino acids in chunky doses that enhance liver detox. It is also most effective when used over a month or two, so keep a tub in the kitchen to add to your babbelas-blend each day.

Sometime in the afternoon, have a glass of your chilled homebrewed detox tea, throw in another ACC 200 and swallow another turmeric (curcurmin) and Advaclear capsule.

Voila, beat the babbelas-blues, party like there’s no tomorrow, especially if you are a Mayan-Calender-lover, have the mental and physical energy to keep beaming and loving your company. You’ll arrive back at the J.O.B in 2013 in good form, be the first to get the job done, get the raise, beat the economy and race to your first 2013 holiday break. All that and more, just for taking a few simple and inexpensive magic potions. Who would have ever thought?!

Some of these you can get at your local pharmacy, or at the all new Vitali Integral Health Centre, just up the road at Far hills Hotel. Merry Christmas.

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